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UAE Director Rolando Orense

UAE Director Lakan-Guro Rolando Orense

Master Rolando Orense y Miravalles was born in Bago City, Negros Occidental on August 18, 1956. Hails from the foremost place of many prominent arnisadors, or bastoneros, eskrimadors and boksingeros. He is the fifth from the nine children of Jorge Guarra Orense and Ernestina Roquim Miravalles. He is the grandson of GrandMaster Cornelio Toledo Guarra "aka" Lolo Kune of Herada Redoble or "espada y daga", and a nephew of GrandMaster P/Sgt.(ret) Estaneslao"Eslao"Guarra, founder of Guarra Style Modern Arnis and GrandMaster Isaac Guarra, founder of "ARJUKA" Arnis Judo Karate.

Basically, Master Roland is a technical person, a firm believer and determined person who loves Martial Arts. He is an avid practitioner of the Indigenous Filipino Martial Arts, devoting himself for almost five decades. He started his devotion at age seven through fist boxing with the support of his eldest brother Ben. His training ground was the sugarcane field or what locals called as "hacienda" along with the children of Sakadas. During his high school days, he attended informal basic karate training. He started practicing and the perfection of handling the arnis and nun-chaku. On his college years he received a formal training of Sphinx Art and Bugna Yoga (Filipino Christian Yoga).

January 1983 he went abroad seeking his fortune to Middle East (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Islamic Republic of Iran & Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates) until 1991.

In March 1992, he moved to Dubai and without hesitation he joined Kuntaw training under the instruction of kyud Argel Maranan-4th degree Kuntaw Blackbelt and kyud Lito Santos-3rd degree Kuntaw Blackbelt who brought Kuntaw in U.A.E. His performance, dedication and constant training earned him a merit and had given early promotion to Blackbelt.

Rolan received his 1st degree Kuntaw Blackbelt promotion and garnered first trophy from tournament competition in 1994 here in Dubai. He received the highest award trophy as "Best Player" during the First Filipino Ambassador's Cup Invitational Karate Tournament in Abu Dhabi last July 21, 1995 organized by Modern Shotokan Karate Club.

On January 16, 1996, he was promoted to 2nd degree Kuntaw Blackbelt and appointed as Promotion Officer by then, the late Kuntaw UAE Director Maestro Rudy Lorejo Sr. He was selected to represent the Philippine Embassy - UAE Team for Karate competition held in Bahrain during the 2nd Philippine Friendship (Olympic) Games last April 17-21, 1997.

In the beginning of January 1998, Master Roland re-opened Kuntaw Self Defense classes at Superstar Gym, and at OWWA (Overseas Workers and Welfare Administration) Center in Dubai. He and his Kuntaw Team performed in many events upon invitation to showcase our ancient native Filipino Martial Arts.

He is a Recipient of His Highness General Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Sports and Physical Fitness Program Award for Martial Artist, last August 2001 in association with Dubai Police General Headquarters.

On December 20, 2003 he was promoted to 3rd degree Kuntaw Blackbelt and inducted to Provincial Commissioner of Kuntaw-UAE by the founder, Great GrandMaster Carlito Lanada Sr during the 43rd anniversary of Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas/International Kuntaw Federation held at the Kuntaw Temple in Olongapo City, Philippines.

His loyalty and devotion, sincerity and dedication to propagate the art of Kuntaw for over seventeen years here in United Arab Emirates made himself to believe and deserve for his promotion to Master Level. On October 18, 2008, he was one of the 103 official lists "Lakans" promoted to 5th degree Kuntaw Blackbelts by the founder and chief executive director of KNP-MKA-IKF as posted on the Grand Master file records.

He made another impact amongst the Filipino and multi-national community when his Kuntaw Team showcases the ancient Filipino Martial Arts exhibition during the First Bayanihan Festival on December 2008.

And currently Master Roland is a recognized Kuntaw-6th degree Red, White & Blue belt, dedicating his effort and knowledge for the young kuntawista.