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Alabama Commissioner Gary Hart

Alabama Commissioner Kyud Gary Hart

My experience with Kuntaw started with my mom, obviously, as she studied at great length with Kyud Carlito in the Philippines. When she had the time, she would teach my sister and I a little bit at a time. By the time I was 16, my family moved to Norfolk Va. One day we were driving through Va Beach and my mother saw a sign on the side of an office building that said "Kuntaw" perking my mom's interest she wanted to stop by to see if it was indeed the martial arts she studied all her life. Upon walking up the steps to the second floor we were greates by Kyud Sam. My mom then became excited to learn that her grandmaster was also teaching there, Kyud Carlito! Ever since that fateful day my life was changed for the better. I was a little rough at the edges and temperamental, but learning from that particular school was an honor as it helped me control my anger. To this day I owe my discipline to Kuntaw.

 I still practice Kuntaw and plan to impart my knowledge to my daughter. I've been married since 2009 to Gina Hart and my daughter, Anya, was born April 15, 2010.

 In 1994, as a white belt under the Va chapter of Kuntaw, I earned 1st place Kumate and 1st place Form as well as going on to become the grand champion of the 1994 Busch Garden Classic before having joined the US Marine Corps where I served 5 yrs active duty. I earned my yellow belt after the tournament.